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One Million Trees


Hidaya has planted nearly 480,000 seedlings since the inception of the One Million Trees project in 2008!

Hidaya plants various types of trees to beautify the land, provide timber, fruits and nuts to benefit people in need in economically depressed areas.  Seedlings are given to students, farmers and communities to encourage tree planting activity. It costs only $1 to plant and grow a tree. In addition Hidaya also provides brochures explaining the ecological benefits of trees and instructions how to successfully nurture them.

For each school and community, Hidaya team members are responsible for implementing and coordinating tree planting projects successfully, then monitoring, and reporting on the survival rate of trees every month. This process allows Hidaya to gain a good understanding of the issues and critical success factors so appropriate improvements can be made during future planting seasons.

Vegetables for Healthy Living:

In Pakistan, Hidaya is also distributing seeds of vegetables to students interested in growing their own vegetables at no cost. These vegetables typically grow as vines that spread over roof tops and walls requiring no extra open space and include: Opo/Kadoo/Lauki (Gourd), Zucchini/Toori/Turai and Cucumber/Kheera/Kaakri.

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