Waseem Baloch, Chairperson

Worked as a Quality Control Engineer in the Aerospace and Defense and Telecommunications industries for over 15 years. In 2001, he left his career to focus his energy on serving the poor by running Hidaya Foundation full time. Currently he resides with his wife, 2 daughters, and son in Santa Clara, CA.

Mazhar Uddin, Member

Has worked as an Industrial Engineer in the field of Quality Management for over 30 years. Currently resides with his daughter and 2 sons in Dayton, NJ.

Irfan Baloch, Member

Has served as a diplomat for the United Nations as part of Pakistan’s Foreign Service for over 25 years. Currently he serves as Director for Intellectual Property at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland where he resides with his wife and two sons.

Adeel Ahmed, Member

Works as an Electrical Engineer for Cisco Systems. Currently he resides with his wife, daughter, and two sons in Richardson, TX.

Mohamed Shafik Shamsuddin, Member

Worked as a Software Engineer at several major corporations in the US, and specializes in Software Security. Currently resides with his wife, 2 daughters and son in Santa Clara, CA.

Zahid Yoosufani, Advisor

He is a Chemical & Mechanical Engineer who worked with IBM Corporation for nearly 30 years. Currently he works for the University of Texas and resides with his wife, daughter and son in Austin, TX.

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