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Medical Assistance

To date, Hidaya has arranged over 10,000 examinations and/or treatments for hundreds of poor patients in need.

In poverty stricken areas which Hidaya Foundation serves, medical assistance is provided to poor families and individuals, as well as the hospitals that serve them.

At any given time, Hidaya is supporting around 150-250 patients suffering from chronic or life threatening illnesses – whether it be cancer, contagious diseases, organ failure, broken bones or injuries from accidents, or whatever it may be. As cases are presented, an investigation is done to understand the degree of illness and financial situation of each patient. Upon approval, all expenses are covered for patients who are desperate and can not pay including doctors, lab tests, surgeries, treatments, medicines, follow-up visits and transportation for each.


Hospital Assistance

Charitable hospitals, whether run by governments or private sectors, are always in deplorable conditions and cannot keep up with the growing demand of patients. Hidaya collects new and used medical equipment and supplies as well as medicines in the U.S.A., and ships them overseas via our Container Shipment for In-Kind Donations project for use in hospitals and clinics enabling them to provide better service to the poor.

Before giving equipment to hospitals, Hidaya requires the hospital administration to sign a contract agreeing that the equipment being donated:

  • Will be used to treat the poor and in need
  • Will remain as the property of Hidaya
  • Will not be removed from the hospital premises without Hidaya’s permission

Hidaya also provides cash to hospitals for treating patients.

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Support the poor and the sick

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