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Hidaya is currently operating 45 schools with over 5,000 students from KG to 8th grade under Support Hidaya Schools project!

Due to corruption, mis-management and poverty, the state of schools in economically depressed areas of under-developed countries are in a deplorable state. In rural areas of Pakistan for example, many government schools have become abandoned buildings, either empty or taken over by a villager to store their animals or farming supplies. Meanwhile, countless rural villages throughout the country have generations of illiterate people and no schools to educate future generations.

In response to these issues, Hidaya opens schools in rural areas which have none to begin with, as well as adopts and operates “ghost schools” which have been shut down (mostly under a government initiative in Pakistan called “Adopt a School”).

Activities taking place under Support Hidaya Schools Project include:

  • Hidaya identifies villages where there are no schools or the schools have been shut down (ghost schools).
  • After community meetings, Hidaya hires teachers locally ( residing within a couple of kilometers) and trains them with theoretical curriculum as well as on job training in classrooms.
  • Due to poverty, students, can not afford tuition, therefore Hidaya provides all of their books, notebooks, and other school supplies under Support Poor Students project.
  • Hidaya provides all classroom needs, such as fans, lights, mats (floor seating arrangements). Furniture and classroom equipment is at times given as well from the Container Shipment for In Kind Donations project.
  • To attract students and to avoid drop-out, every month Hidaya distributes ration to each family whose children are in attendance of our schools via the One Million Meals project. The dry ration package includes one of the following each month i.e. rice, lentils, tea, cooking oil, bathing and laundry soap, dates, sugar, etc.
  • Children are also provided with medical support if needed via the Medical Assistance project
  • Water Hand Pumps are provided to families of students in case they do not have that via the Clean Drinking Water project.
  • Library books are provided to students from a mobile library which visits the school every two weeks.
  • Children whose fathers have passed away are given support via the
  • Widow/Orphan Support and No Orphan without Education projects.
  • Sponsoring extracurricular activities such as tree plantations via the One Million Trees project.

Students whose families are receiving support from Hidaya must regularly attend classes in order for the family to continue receiving support. Project managers from our partner organization, Hidaya Trust, regularly visits the schools to check on the teachers and students to make sure everyone is doing well.

It costs about $160 to run a classroom of approximately 40 students for each month.

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