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Widow / Orphan Support


Hidaya is supporting over 17,000 orphans and 9,000 widows each month in 13 countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Guinea, Gambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen).

Hidaya supports orphans as well as their widowed mothers or guardians by helping them meet their day to day needs as well as the educational needs for school aged orphans via our No Orphan without Education initiative.  The main objectives of this project are to:

  • Meet the basic survival needs of widows & their orphan children
  • Ensure the children will attend school instead of working to supplement the family income
  • Provide financial support for the basic education of orphans, and monitor their educational progress periodically
  • Remove obstacles that hinder their progress

What Does My Donation Do?  

It costs around $40 – $70  per month to support a widow and orphan(s) in a family, which includes $30 for each widow for household needs, and $10 per orphan for educational needs (for up to 4 orphans).

Additionally, medical support, dry ration food, clothing, various other materials and more are provided to widows and orphans throughout the year.

How Does Hidaya Make Sure My Donation Reaches the Right People?

Recipients of the Widow/Orphan Support project must qualify to receive funds. Widows and orphans undergo a lengthy process of approval in which the following occurs:

  1.  Widows and orphans apply to the project.  Many times, orphan(s) have lost both parents and are cared for by an aunt or grandmother who may qualify as their guardian.
  2. Hidaya employees investigate neighborhoods and schools to ensure that the information provided is correct and family is zakat deserving in case of Muslims.
  3. Hidaya employees verify documents such as the death certificate of the father, school admission records of the orphan, and national ID cards.
  4. Once qualified, widows and orphans are provided with a monthly cash allowance as long as the orphans attend school. Hidaya wants to make sure no orphan stays without education.
  5. Hidaya’s project managers make unannounced quarterly visits to schools to monitor the progress of the orphans being supported.

In addition to a monthly allowance, orphans and widows may also be provided support through some of Hidaya’s other projects depending on the ages of orphans and location. For example:

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