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Corporate Gift Matching


Many companies encourage their employees to donate to tax exempt 501(C)(3) charities by offering to match to a certain maximum or sometimes double or triple the donation of employees. It is an excellent way to extend the impact of your donation and benefit the poor and deserving. We have received matching gifts from many internationally known companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Pepsi Co and others. If your employer does not have a Gift-Matching program, request the Personnel Department to start one. Send in your contribution, together with a completed Gift-Matching program form available from your corporation. We’ll do the rest!

FAQs about Corporate Gift Matching Program


What is the Matching Gift Program?

Many companies encourage their employees to donate to tax exempt charities by offering to match, or sometimes double, the donation of an employee.

How do I apply for matching gift at my company?

The program application is usually available on the company Internet or Intranet site. It can also be obtained from the appropriate Human Resources department. You only need to complete the donor section of the form and mail it with your donation to Hidaya. In some leading edge corporation you can fill the form directly on the intranet. Appropriate department sends non profit documents for signature.

What does Hidaya do?

Hidaya, on receiving the form (from donor or corporation), fills the section required by nonprofit organizations and returns the form to the corporation, along with the required legal documents. In turn, the company sends a matching donation. Sometimes, it may take between 3-6 months for the process to complete. Once Hidaya receives the donation, it sends an acknowledgement receipt to the donor.

For what projects Hidaya uses those matching funds?

Matching funds are considered as General Fund donations, and are used to run the organization.

What kind of donation triggers matching donation?

It can be funds through check, cash, Credit/Debit card, or stock. Some companies even donate for your time volunteered at a non-profit organization.

What if I am donating with the Automatic Monthly Withdrawal Program? How can I get the donation matched?

You can send us completed application periodically e.g. after each quarter or yearly.

What if my company does not have a Matching Gift Program?

If your company does not have the program in place, ask the personnel department if they can start one. Follow up in writing. There have been several instances where companies have started the program on the request of donors.

For more information, kindly contact Hidaya at or at (408) 244-3282 or (866) 244-3292.

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