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Corporate Gift Matching


Many companies encourage their employees to donate to tax exempt 501(C)(3) charities by offering to match to a certain maximum or sometimes double or triple the donation of employees. It is an excellent way to extend the impact of your donation and benefit the poor and deserving. We have received matching gifts from many internationally known companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Pepsi Co and others. If your employer does not have a Gift-Matching program, request the Personnel Department to start one.

FAQs about Corporate Gift Matching Program


What is the Gift Matching Program?

Many companies encourage their employees to donate to tax exempt charities by offering to match, or sometimes double or triple, the donation of an employee.

How do I apply for gift matching at my company?

Many companies have a giving portal on their intranet which donations can be made directly on.  Some companies already have Hidaya Foundation as a charity to select, otherwise you may need to request your HR to give that as a designated option.  Other times, you may donate directly to us then inform your employer so they may match the donation.  It is best to talk with your company’s HR department to understand their protocol.

What does Hidaya do?

If the donation is done through the company’s giving portal, then Hidaya receives the donation along with the matching gift.   If the donation was made directly to Hidaya, then the employer contacts Hidaya to validate the donation before forwarding us the gift matching funds.  It normally takes 1 to 3 months for the funds to reach us.  If the donation was made on our site, Hidaya would send a receipt to the donor for their donation part.  But if it was done on the company’s portal, then the receipt would be issued by them to the donor.

How does Hidaya use matching funds?

Matching funds are considered as General Fund donations, and are used towards overhead expenses for running the organization, unless the donor or company specifies that they would like the funds to go to a specific cause.

What kind of donations can qualify for gift matching by one’s company?

This depends on a company’s policies, but generally all cash donations whether through check, cash, credit/debit card, or stock can be matched. Some companies even donate cash amounts for your time volunteered at a non-profit organization.

What if I am donating with the Automatic Monthly Withdrawal Program? How can I get the donation matched?

You can inform your employer on a yearly/quarterly basis of your donations and they may contact us to verify.

What if my company does not have a Matching Gift Program?

If your company does not have a program in place, ask the personnel department if they can start one. Follow up in writing. Many companies have started a gift matching program at the request of their employees.

For more information, kindly contact Hidaya at or at (408) 244-3282 or (866) 244-3292.

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