Making amends for wrong actions
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The prescribed way of making amends for wrong actions is Kaffara.

Kaffara can be given for many different kinds of wrong actions and there can be many different forms of expiation varying from the degree of the sin and the situation and capabilities of the person who did it. Regarding how much one should pay for a certain sin, it is better that they consult with an imam or scholar they know and trust to explain their specific case and get advice based on that. However, if for some reason one is unable to do so then they may contact Hidaya Foundation and we may be able to contact a scholar on your behalf to help you with your kaffara insha’Allah.

Hidaya distributes kaffara on behalf of donors by providing meals to the poor.

Since 2011, Hidaya has distributed 2,295 dry ration packages to poor families on behalf of our donors under the Kaffara project.


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