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Clean Drinking Water


To date, Hidaya has installed nearly 13,000 water hand pumps and distributes millions of gallons of water via water tankers every year to benefit hundreds of thousands of families.

Lack of clean water is a major problem in under developed countries. Water-borne diseases are rampant in economically depressed areas because clean running water (typically provided by the municipalities) is simply not available. Hidaya provides clean drinking water to people under the following efforts:

Delivery with Water Tanker

Many cities with dense populations lack adequate fresh water because municipalities which should be supplying them are failing due to decaying infrastructure and rising population. For such instances, Hidaya has started delivering water to the masses free-of-charge via water tankers which are filled with fresh water from our own wells. Currently, we have 4 water tankers in operation making deliveries throughout small cities 5 times a day, 6 days a week so that people in that locality will not have to fight with each other over scarce water sources. It costs just $15 per round for a 1,200 gallon tanker to give water to hundreds of people.

Water Hand Pump

Until recent centuries, all artisan wells were pump-less dug wells which were excavated with diameters large enough to accommodate men with shovels digging down to below the water table. Such wells were at times lined with stones or bricks; extending this lining into a wall around the well to reduce both contamination and injuries by falling into the well. Modern dug wells are hand pumped.

While the cost of drilling is directly proportional to the depth of the water table, the average cost of installing a hand pump at maximum depth of 100 ft. (30 meters) is approximately $300.  

Please note – While we do install each water hand pump order on behalf of donors, it sometimes takes time due to high donation volume and logistical issues.  Currently, due to backlog from pandemic shut downs and floods in Pakistan, expect minimum 6 months and maybe 12 months or more until hand pumps can be installed.

Hidaya installs water hand pumps in the residences of poor families we assist under projects such as No Orphan without Education, Widow/Orphan Support, Sadaqah (Charity), and Zakat (Obligatory Charity), as well as in schools we operate under Support Hidaya Schools.

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