Why Should I Donate to Hidaya Foundation?

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Why Should I Donate to Hidaya Foundation?


• Hidaya has one of the lowest overhead costs among non-profit organizations. For the past several years, we’ve had an overhead cost consistently between 6-7%.

• Every year, Hidaya has its financials audited by an independent auditor.

• Hidaya management and Board of Directors are easily accessible to the community – you can contact them by phone or e-mail and connect with them directly at anytime.

• Considering the majority of funds received by Hidaya are Zakat funds, we make sure our team is fully trained on Zakat requirements. To safeguard the donors’ obligation towards The Creator, recipients are investigated before Zakat is given to them.

• Hidaya was founded, and is operated, on the idea that this work is done to please The Creator by serving His Creation.

• Hidaya strives to stay away from any gray areas (things which are doubtful) when it comes to Islamic Principles.

• All of our energy is focused on helping the poor; Hidaya has a flat management structure and almost no hierarchy. No politics exist within the organization.

• For Hidaya team members, it is understood that this is not only a job, but rather working at Hidaya is an Ibadah (worship) as well since they may be rewarded by Allah for the work, and may be held accountable for any wrong actions.

• Hidaya team members make sure to avoid any wrong actions which may remove any Barakah (blessings) from the work and the Protection from The Creator.

• Hidaya Foundation works very cautiously when executing projects to ensure that money and goods do not fall in to the wrong hands. This is to ensure the safety of donors, the organization, and also that the poor and in need benefit from maximum assistance.

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