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Hidaya Institute of Farming & Agriculture


Hidaya trains poor youth from villages in agricultural practices so they may learn to work and yield crops to support their families. Training is conducted at Hidaya Garden, one of Hidaya’s properties in Pakistan. Under the Hidaya Institute of Farming & Agriculture (HIFA) project youth learn practices such as: Hands-on Agriculture Training, Animal Farm Training, Timber Farm Training, Fruit & Vegetable Training, Saline Agriculture Training and more.

Activities taking place under HIFA include:

  • Students at HIFA learn how to prepare for and harvest crops such as rice, date and mango, which can complement other food distribution via our One Million Meals project.
  • Harvested food is donated to poor families and students which Hidaya supports under Support Hidaya SchoolsSupport Poor Students, and No Orphan without Education projects.
  • Students at HIFA also learn how to grow seedlings at Hidaya’s nursery which are later planted in the ground via the One Million Trees project.
  • Students who learn farming practices through HIFA spend the morning learning in our Adult Education courses, which they are given an accelerated 6 month course to complete the 8th grade.
  • Farm animals are raised up and prepared for distribution via our Animal Farming project.  Also, during Qurbani/Udhiya time, cows and goats are bought in advance at better rates and cared for before Eid.


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