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Pakistan Floods 2010

For the Flood disaster in 2010, Hidaya executed relief efforts throughout four different locations in Pakistan with the help of over 150 of Hidaya’s employees and over 100 volunteers on the ground including several software development interns. For more information, kindly click on the links below :

Situation Overview

The deadliest weather related disaster of 2010 was in Pakistan and resulted from heavy monsoon rains which lasted from late July until the end of August. The heavy rains caused the Indus river to overflow and flood much of the country, leaving thousands dead, destroying millions of homes in thousands of villages and towns. Also the floods severely damaged or destroyed infrastructure such as dams, power stations, roads, bridges, schools, agriculture wells, and drinking water hand pumps. According to reports, over 20 Million people have been affected by this disaster – more than the 2004 Indonesia Tsunami, 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, and 2010 Haiti Earthquake combined.

Pakistan 2010 Flood Report


Last Updated: October 12, 2011

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