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Support families displaced by catastrophes
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What are the Needs


In a disaster of such magnitude, the needs are so many as infrastructure has been damaged so severely. Hidaya has several long term rehabilitation projects in the area that you can be a part of including:

Rebuilding Homes: It costs approximately $1,000 to rebuild a mud home for a family. DONATE

Clean Drinking Water Project: For $200 a water hand pump can be installed for villagers to use. DONATE

One Million Meals Project: It costs just $25 to feed a family for a month, or $150 to feed a family for 6 months. DONATE

Self Employment Project: Chickens & goats are given for families so they may sell eggs or milk and breed the animals to sustain their families. It costs $200 for a pair of goats, or $50 for a flock of 25 chicks to start a poultry farm. DONATE

Support a Student Project: Students can be provided books & supplies for just $20, so students can continue with studies even though their schools have been destroyed. DONATE

One Million Trees: For just $1 per tree, seedlings can be planted to help build barriers from future flooding. DONATE

Farmer Assistance Project: Farmers are supported with seeds, fertilizers and more to re-grow their crops. DONATE

Container Shipment Project: We are shipping in-kind supplies such as blankets, winter clothing, medical supplies, and other necessary relief supplies for distribution among affected families. One container can be sponsored for $5,000. DONATE

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