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How can I Implement my Project While Using Hidaya’s Infrastructure


What if you had the option of having your own non-profit organization to implement projects in Pakistan? Given the current devastated infrastructure in Pakistan due to the Floods, and the needs in the region being so great, Hidaya Foundation is now offering individuals and worldwide non-profit organizations an opportunity to propose a project of their own and utilize Hidaya’s infrastructure for implementation. Hidaya has over 150 plus full time employees and offices/warehouses throughout Pakistan, from Abbottabad to Karachi. Here is how:

 Project Proposal:

  • Send an outline of a project that you would like to implement in Pakistan to Hidaya. Be clear about defining your objectives such as who you think should benefit and the name of the place in Pakistan where this project is to be implemented.
  • The project must fit one of the 30 project categories listed on Hidaya’s website under our four programs (Education, Environment, Social Welfare, and Health Carehttps://www.hidaya.org/programs/).
  • You must fill out a project proposal document provided by Hidaya and give an estimate of the cost of implementing the project.


  • The project should be such that it would benefit the poor and needy at large (as per IRS requirements) and MUST NOT be personal in nature in which it could directly benefit you, your friends or relatives in Pakistan.
  • The project must be of a scale that is manageable in a 3-6 month time period; It should be very specific, and limited to one physical location (a village, a city, etc.). The minimum proposed project budget should be $25,000.
  • Hidaya will evaluate your proposal and ask you for further clarification, if needed. The final decision to approve the project will remain at the sole discretion of Hidaya’s management.
  • If your project is selected, you would be responsible for marketing the idea amongst your circle of friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. and for directly raising or donating funds. You will be given the option to market your project through Hidaya’s website to solicit for funds.
  • The project must collect a full 125% of the estimated costs before implementation can start. Besides charging approximately 7% overhead, Hidaya will charge 18% of this amount to implement similar projects in other areas where other non profits are not active.
  • Hidaya will arrange labor, material and project managers to implement the project and provide you with a comprehensive project completion report.
  • Under no circumstances will any cash funds be disbursed to you or your contacts whether in USA or in Pakistan. Once the funds are collected, they will be owned by Hidaya for the implementation of projects.
  • During the implementation of the project, you must be available and engaged through completion. You may identify your honest and sincere representatives in Pakistan who will be working closely with Hidaya’s team.
  • Should you decide not to continue with the project for whatever reasons including insufficient collection, Hidaya would re-allocate the collected funds to one of its ongoing relief projects.
  • If Hidaya’s team discovers any foul play at any stage of the project, Hidaya’s team will stop the project implementation and transfer funds to other projects of the same nature in any other village or town to protect the best interest of Hidaya.
  • One project must be completed before you can submit another project for consideration.

For any further information, please contact us at myproject@hidaya.org.

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