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Haleema (age 45) has been a widow for the last 7 years. She lives with her two sons and one daughter, who is married. After her husband passed away, Haleema had to run the home and raise her children alone. Haleema and her family live in village Imdadpur, union council Bago Daro, district Qambar-Shahdad Kot, Pakistan, an area that was badly affected by the recent cyclone and flooding in Summer 2007. By profession, Haleema is a farmer and her sons and daughter help her in cultivating the field.

Daily, Haleema would bring water twice a day by walking 1 km outside of her village to bring potable water from another nearby village named Mir Pur Burriro. She also prepares meals and bring them to the fields for her children.

This challenge of obtaining clean and drinkable water in Haleema’s village Imdad Pur and hundreds of such villages is great. People are so poor that they cannot afford to spend $200 collectively to get a hand-pump for the village. Hidaya installed a community water hand pump in Haleema’s village and significantly reduced her traveling distance and time making her life easy. Now she can spend more time towards her fields and children.

Last Update: Monday May 4, 2009

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