Zakaat (Obligatory Charity)

Hidaya Foundation collects and distributes Zakaat donations per Islamic guidelines as mentioned in Al-Quran, Surah At-Tawbah, Chapter 9, Verse 60. Zakat funds are used to support orphans, widows, poor elderly, families in extreme poverty, poor young women for marriage, deserving students, poor medical patients, and people affected by disaster.

Featured Projects

Palestine Relief

The harsh reality that the people of Palestine, and especially Gaza are enduring is heart breaking…

Widow/Orphan Support

Hidaya is supporting over 17,000 orphans and 9,000 widows each month in 13 countries…

Clean Drinking Water

Lack of clean water is a major problem in under developed countries. Water-borne…

Support Hidaya Schools

Due to corruption, mismanagement, and poverty, schools in economically depressed…

Medical Assistance

To date, Hidaya has arranged nearly 10,000 examinations and/or treatments…

One Million Meals

Every year, Hidaya Foundation strives to provide one million meals to those in dire need…

One Million Trees

Hidaya has planted nearly 480,000 seedlings since the inception of the One Million Trees…


Hidaya Foundation collects and distributes Zakat donations per Islamic guidelines…

Given the fact that worldwide poverty is rampant, combined with the realization that the majority of Muslims today don’t properly know how to calculate their Zakat (especially given the new forms of income that were not prevalent in the past), Hidaya Foundation took the challenge to consult with scholars and come up with these materials in order to help Muslims understand this religious obligation and fulfill the rights of the poor. Below are links to useful information about Zakat:

Guide for Calculating Zakat

This booklet was made to help understand the concepts behind Zakat. Link to booklet in Arabic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we hear about Zakat have been compiled here with their answers.

Detailed Zakat Information

In question and answer format – the most common concepts relating to Zakat can be found here.

Zakat Videos

Hidaya has prepared some informative videos answering questions about Zakat.

Zakat Calculator

Use our free, functional Zakat calculator to help you calculate how much you should be giving for Zakat.

Zakat Projects

Hidaya Foundation utilizes Zakat funds through our many Zakat eligible projects.

Donate Zakat

Make your Zakat donation easily on our secure website by e-check (preferred) or card.

Featured Projects

Find out about some of our latest activities and donate towards our featured projects.

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