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Zakat (Obligatory Charity)

Hidaya Foundation collects and distributes Zakat donations per Islamic guidelines as mentioned in Al-Quran, Surah At-Tawbah, Chapter 9, Verse 60. Zakat funds are used to support orphans, widows, poor elderly, families in extreme poverty, poor young women for marriage, deserving students, poor medical patients, and people affected by disaster. Click here to donate towards this project.

Sadaqah (Charity)

Sadaqah is an Islamic term that means voluntary charity. Sadaqah funds can be used towards any of Hidaya Foundation’s projects. Click here to donate towards this project.

Fidya (Compensation for Not Fasting)

For those who are unable to fast due to difficulty (elderly, terminally ill, pregnant, breastfeeding etc.), a compensation must be given by feeding a poor person for every day of fasting not observed.  Currently, the suggested cost for Fidya in the U.S.A. based on the approximate price of 1.5 kg of whole wheat or rice is approx. $4.00 for each day of missed fast, however donors can give more if they are able and more poor will benefit, insha’Allah.


Sadaqat-ul-Fitr (also called Zakat-ul-Fitr) is an obligatory charity for every Muslim who possess the Nisab (a minimum amount of wealth); it must be paid before Eid-ul-Fitr (i.e. before the end of Ramadan).

The wisdom behind this act is two-fold: to purify the month long fasting of the Muslims, and to enable the poor and less fortunate to also enjoy the celebration of Eid.  Hidaya Foundation uses the Sadaqat-ul-Fitr donations to provide food in the form of wheat, barley, rice, etc. for the less fortunate.  Currently, Hidaya’s suggested cost for Sadaqat-ul-Fitr is approximately $8.00 (per person in household), however one may give more if they are able to, and more poor would benefit.

One Million Meals

Every year, Hidaya Foundation strives to provide more than one million meals to those in dire need throughout the world by offering dry ration food packages as well as cooked meals. Dry ration packages typically consist of rice or wheat, sugar, lentils, cooking oil, and is accompanied with soap. This Ramadan, Hidaya will again be providing dry ration packages to over 125,000 families throughout nearly 20 countries in Asia and Africa.  Family packages range from $30 – $50 depending on the size of families.  Also, cooked meals are given in some regions, and cost around $1 – $2 per meal. 

Disaster Relief

Currently, Hidaya is sponsoring over 7,000 hot meals daily in Gaza under our Palestine Relief project.

Widow/Orphan Support

Hidaya supports over 15,000 orphans and 8,000 widows each month in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Gambia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Turkey, and Yemen. A cash stipend of about $40 – $70 or more per month ($30 per widow and $10 per orphan for up to 4 orphans) is given to each widow/guardian and orphan family for household needs and education for school aged orphans.


The prescribed way to make amends for various wrong actions, such as breaking ones fast without an excuse in Ramadan, is kaffara.  Hidaya distributes kaffara on behalf of donors by providing dry ration food to the poor.

Sadaqah Meat/Sadaqah Sacrifice

Donate towards providing meat to families in need by sacrificing a whole animal (prices listed below) or by giving any amount of your choosing towards this effort.

  • Cow/Ox/Buffalo: $420 each
  • Goat/Sheep: $120 each
  • Fish/Chicken/Rabbit: $5 each
  • Any Meat: $Any Amount – By not specifying, it allows us to find the best deals based on availability and price which varies based on place and season.

Medical Assistance

Hidaya arranges for examinations and treatments for the vulnerable and in need in localities where we have operations. Also hospital equipment is donated and shipped for use in hospitals in poor rural areas enabling them to provide better service to the poor. Click here to donate towards this project.

Clean Drinking Water

  • Water Hand Pumps – The average cost of installing a hand pump in Pakistan or Bangladesh is about $300 per pump.
  • Delivery with Water Tanker – It costs just $10 per round for a 1,200 gallon tanker to give water to hundreds of families.

Small Businesses for the Poor

Hidaya assists poor families and individuals to help them break out of the cycle of poverty by helping them set up small businesses. Some of these efforts include:

  • Sewing Machine and accessories are given to start tailoring business. It costs about $100.
  • Push Cart and supplies are given to start a street vending business. It costs about $200.

Animal Farming

Hidaya provides animals for poor families as a way of sustaining themselves for their own personal food as well as for profit and trade.

  • Poultry Farming: Five chickens and one rooster, or a flock of 25 chicks, are given to a family (feeding supplies are also provided). It costs about $50 to start a small poultry farm.
  • Rabbit Farming: 7 rabbits (6 female and 1 male) a breeder cage and food costs about $70 to start a family with rabbit farming.
  • Goat Farming: Goats are given to the poor in rural areas for milk and goat farming. It costs about $220 for a pair of goats for a family to get started.
  • Cow Farming: It costs about $500 for a cow which can provide milk.

Support Hidaya Schools

Hidaya is currently operating 35 schools/tuition centers, with over 4,500 students from KG to 8th grade under the Support Hidaya Schools project. It costs about $200 to run a classroom of approximately 40 students for each month. Join us in this important effort of educating a generation of children who can one day bring their villages out of poverty in shaa Allah!

Container Shipment for In-Kind Donations

Hidaya ships 40ft. containers of clothing, shoes, toys and more to the poor of Pakistan. It costs $7,500+ to ship each container of In-Kind Donations, which can clothe and benefit up to 40,000 people!  Donate towards the cost of shipping to clothe and give material support among the poorest people in the world!

One Million Trees

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “If any Muslim plants any plant and a human being or an animal eats of it, he will be rewarded as if he had given that much in charity.” (Sahih Bukhari Vol. 8, Number 41)  Hidaya is planting fruit & nut trees as a sadaqah jariah to benefit families and communities in need.  It costs only $1 per seedling!


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