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West Coast Fires Relief

All over the West Coast there are major fires burning, prompting evacuations for more than half a million people. So far, millions of acres and thousands of homes and businesses have burned in California, Oregon, Washington and surrounding regions as most states are having a record year in damage from fires.  As these fires rage on, it is said that the fire season has not even peaked this year.

The havoc in California accounts for nearly 4 million acres burned, more than 8,200 structures destroyed, and close to 60,000 people have been displaced state wide. The infernal situation was mostly triggered by a thunderstorm that had nearly 11,000 lightning strikes over parched lands after record-breaking heatwave across the state.

In Oregon, more than 500,000 people (10% of the total population) had to evacuate from their homes as nearly 1 million acres burned and fire approaches major populated areas near Portland.  Hundreds of homes have burned leaving many people homeless, as some fires still continue to burn.  Additionally, tens of thousands more people are affected by dozens of more fires in other states.

Stepping outside in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Hidaya Foundation is located, has been quite eerie over the past several weeks, as we are getting days where breathing outside is difficult and the sun is blocked out from the smoke of fires in surrounding areas. Thousands of families lives have been turned upside down by these fires, and we will be working with local volunteers and organizations to assist them in their time of need.  Please donate towards fire relief efforts.

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