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In 2022, the floods in Pakistan were the deadliest and most destructive in its history. Millions lost their mud houses and people had to resort to moving their families, animals and belongings to higher ground such as the sides of the roads, schools and anywhere they could find not inundated by water.

Hidaya Foundation has been operating since its inception through our partner organization Hidaya Trust in Pakistan, so we were ready and equipped to help in such a dire time.

Hidaya acted immediately and transferred Zakat funds towards the disaster relief efforts.  Please donate towards Hidaya Foundation’s relief efforts and help us continue our services to one of the poorest and most deserving populations in the world.  Following are some of our accomplishments and efforts so far:

Material Support

In total, 114 containers worth of goods were sent in 2022 costing over $3 million to help hundreds of thousands of families affected by the floods. These goods were bought from various countries as relief supplies and included: food items, soap, tarps, blankets, winter and donated clothing, polyester fiber for quilts, tents, stationary for school children (such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, etc.), steel pipes for making sleeping cots, PP bags for packing food items, fertilizers for farmers, and more.

114 Containers Sent in 2022 for Pakistan Flood Relief
• 32 containers of donated clothing and household items
• 40 containers of cooking oil
• 3 containers of soap
• 4 containers of whole red lentil
• 6 containers of tarps
• 2 containers PP bags for packing food items
• 15 containers of notebooks and stationary
• 2 containers of blankets
• 2 containers of fiber for making quilts
• 4 containers of steel pipes for making cots
• 4 containers of fertilizer

Food Support

In the initial months of the flooding, people had no choice but to move up along the sides of roads or any other elevated places not inundated by water. During this time, people had no way of cooking or getting any food, so Hidaya focused heavily on giving cooked meals to help families get through this time. In total we spent over $300,000 to prepare and distribute over 11,000 pots of biryani, enough for over 700,000 meals. The biryani was prepared by our teams and sent out in our trucks daily to feed the masses living along the sides of roads. This continued for months until water levels receded enough for people to return back to their lands. It costs around $50 for a pot of beef/fish biryani, or $25 for a pot of vegetable biryani. Each pot of biryani (18kg) is enough to feed about 90 people.

Hidaya procured massive amounts of dry ration food for distribution to these families from the time of returning to their lands and through Ramadan. In total, over $2.5 million worth of food, enough to feed over 100,000 families is being given as food packages including rice and wheat, sugar, lentils, cooking oil, and bathing soap for hygiene.  It costs around $30 for a dry ration package for a family, which should be enough to feed them for a month or more.

The following items have been purchased and are being distributed: 

  • 2,850 metric tons of rice and wheat costing $1,200,000
  • 750 metric tons of jaggery (sugar) costing $300,000
  • 4 containers (100 tons) of whole red lentils costing $87,000
  • 40 containers (almost 165,000 5-liter cans) of cooking oil costing $958,000
  • 3 containers of soap (432,000 pcs) costing $91,800 for hygiene purposes

Farmer Assistance

Because the floods destroyed the season’s crop, and there was danger of mass hunger because of this, Hidaya also focused heavily on re-supplying farmers so they may re-grow their crops and kick-start the economy.

We distributed $250,000 worth of 14 types of winter vegetable seeds along with agriculture tools to 40,000 farmers to cultivate over 10,000 acres. This was so successful as within a couple months, the crops grew enough to feed the farmer’s families and also start filling the markets with produce so others may eat as well!  It costs under $10 for a package of vegetable seeds.

We also distributed $1.25 million worth of wheat seed to over 55,000 farmers to cultivate 55,000 acres, which will in shaa Allah be ready for the next harvest, something that the farmers would not have been able to do because of losing their last crop to floods.  It costs just $25 for a package of wheat seed.

4 containers carrying 108 tons of fertilizers were also purchased for distribution to farmers to help with their crops.

Hidaya is now working towards procuring paddy seed for over 50,000 farmers worth approximately $1.5 million. This will give an additional boost to farmers who lost all their crop last year.

Medical Assistance

Hidaya also setup medical camps and sent out mobile clinics to treat and give medicine to more than 5,000 patients in a time where water borne diseases was rampant.  Just $5 can provide life saving medicines to someone in great need.

Rebuilding Projects

Perhaps the biggest challenge remaining is re-building the countless structures that were destroyed. Hidaya has now started the process of re-building community center/masajid/schools, and homes of orphan and widow families which were destroyed during floods.  It costs around $4,000 for re-building a home for orphans and widows, and around $6,000 for re-building a community center/masajid/school.


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