Morocco Earthquake Relief

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Morocco Earthquake Relief

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Morocco Earthquake 2023

Situation Overview:

On Sept 8th, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook Morocco, leveling many buildings and killing thousands in Marakesh and surrounding areas. Rescue efforts are underway and food and material support will be needed in the coming weeks for hundreds of thousands of people who inhabit the affected area.

Hidaya will be working with and passing on donations to organizations active in the region.


Hidaya Foundation has shipped 5 containers of winter clothing for distribution among affected families in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where many villages have been destroyed from the earthquake and falling rocks.  Each container has about 50-55,000 lbs of supplies including long and heavy coats, ski jackets, leather jackets, polar fleece, sweatshirts, and more.

Additional support is being planned for families living in the mountains to rebuild their houses.

Please donate to help families in need.

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