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What are the important principles in identifying assets subject to Zakat?

Gold, silver, cash, and other items specified below are subject to Zakat. Any other asset will only become subject to Zakat if it was acquired or purchased with the clear intention to resell. For example: A person buys a house which is normally exempt from Zakat, with the intention of reselling the house at a profit, then the market value of the property, calculated as at the end of the relevant Zakat year, will be subject to Zakat.

On the other hand, if the immovable property was purchased as an investment (to hold as capital) and not to resell, then the value of the asset is exempt from Zakat. A subsequent change of intention in the case where the owner, who had originally purchased the immovable property for investment (to hold as capital), now decides or intends to sell it for profit will not alter the character of the asset for Zakat purposes and the asset remains exempt from Zakat.

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