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Medical Assistance – Real life stories


Case 1

Patient Eid Muhammad Magsi son of Ata Muhammad Magsi. Ata Muhammad Magsi applied for the Medical Support of his son. His family consists on nine members including four female adult and four children. Ata Muhammad Magsi has a government job in JPMC as a Naib Qasid and his monthly Salary is 10949/= (Ten thousand nine hundred & forty nine only) and he has support to large family. The doctors suggested surgery of the spinal cord as soon as possible they said it would be approximately 70,000/= (Seventy thousand only) needed for the spinal cord surgery. Due to his limited income he could not afford the surgery expenses so he had requested Hidaya trust for help in the surgery.

Under these difficult circumstances, Hidaya’s team helped Eid Muhammad through the Medical Assistance Project. Hidaya Trust successfully had done the patient’s surgery at the South City Hospital on 18th June 2011 through Doctor Hameedullah Boazdar (Neurologist). Hidaya Trust is supporting the patient in the form of medicine and tests, now the patient is feeling well and getting medicines from Hidaya Trust.

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