Sadaqah Meat (Sadaqah Sacrifice)

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Sadaqah Meat (Sadaqah Sacrifice)

Meat is a luxury that many poor people around the world seldom enjoy.  Hidaya provides protein in the form of meat and fish as a sadaqah to the poor.  It adds much needed nourishment to their diets. All animals are sacrificed in accordance to Islamic requirements. 

How Can I Help? 

Donate towards providing meat by sacrificing a whole animal (prices listed below) or by giving any amount of your choosing towards this effort.

  • Cow/Ox/Buffalo: $420 each
  • Goat/Sheep: $120 each
  • Chicken/Rabbit/Fish: $5 each

How is This Different from the Sadaqah Sacrifice Project?

We have decided to modify the “Sadaqah Sacrifice” project to the “Sadaqah Meat” project. 

Formerly, under the Sadaqah Sacrifice project, we would sacrifice an animal for donors and send a confirmation upon completion. Mashallah, this became a very popular project, so much so that it started negatively affecting the goat/sheep populations in the localities we work in. 

We also wanted to correct the misconception that an animal must be immediately sacrificed for a donor’s sadaqah to be accepted by Allah. The correct understanding is that once a person gives their sadaqah – in whatever form and for whatever purpose – it is accepted by Allah, in shaa Allah. This remains true even when giving the sadaqah to a middle person or organization, in which case the amanah rests on the shoulder of the middle person or organization.   

We did not like that we may be contributing towards misunderstanding, or worse, an innovation in the religion. Thus, we are redesigning this service in the following ways: 

  1. From now on, donors are not required to donate the full amount for an animal. However, if one wishes, they may still donate towards the sacrifice of a whole animal with the intention that the meat will feed a lot of families.  
  2. Going forward, we will be stopping the confirmations upon completion of sacrifice. Funds could be used towards many different forms of meat distribution (including ox, buffalo, cows, goats, sheep, chicken, rabbits, and fish). This will protect animal populations as well as provide a better variety of meats to the thousands of families we serve.

We hope that donors will continue to give towards this important initiative and may Allah (SWT) accept all of our good intentions.

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