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Pakistan Earthquake 2005


An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck in the north of Pakistan on the morning of 8th October 2005, followed by several after shocks just 80 km north of the Pakistan capital, Islamabad. Areas of Kashmir in Pakistan and the North West Frontier Province were severely affected by the earthquake. Areas of Kashmir in India were also affected. More than 5 million people were affected by the earthquake, including over 73,000 confirmed dead and 3.3 million people made homeless. Villages after villages were wiped off the map and the destruction was of unimaginable proportions.

Hidaya Foundation immediately mobilized its Pakistan team to provide much needed relief for the survivors. The team provided on-the-ground coordination and distribution of relief to 28 villages in the districts of Bagh, Muzaffarabad, Rawlakot, Abbotabad, Balakot & Mansehra.

To avoid further loss of human lives from the harsh winter conditions, Hidaya Foundation procured and shipped 6,600 tents to the mountainous regions of Kashmir. Also blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothes were distributed to the survivors to overcome the harsh winter ahead.

Hidaya Foundation raised over $2M in cash towards the earthquake relief efforts. In addition to this, Hidaya Foundation shipped 30 containers (forty feet long) from USA with over 436 tons of supplies (worth approx. $450,000) including tents, blankets, winter clothes, sleeping bags, crutches, wheel chairs and medicines. Our donation collection center was open all days of the week to respond to the overwhelming show of support and generosity by the local community. People from all walks of life came forward to help the survivors of this catastrophe.

In July 2006, Hidaya Foundation moved its office and warehouses to Abbottabad from Islamabad to be close to people in need and reduce overhead.

Hidaya Foundation will continue to:

  • Distribute dry rations to needy families
  • Provide monthly support to orphans and widows.
  • Provide educational and vocational support to affected students.
  • Distribute other supplies such as tents, blankets, jackets, sleeping bags, etc.

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