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Pakistan Cyclone and Flood Relief 2007


In late June, 2007, Cyclone Yemyin ravaged southern Pakistan causing severe damage to the already poor populations of Balochistan and Sindh Provinces. Over a million people were impacted as crops, homes and livestock were destroyed. Immediately after the disaster, Hidaya advanced survey teams to affected areas to assess the situation. Among the vast disaster affected areas, Kharan District in Balochistan Province, and Shahdad Kot District in Sindh Province were chosen for Hidaya’s relief operations. Nearly 40 Hidaya full time employees took part in the relief efforts working simultaneously at both fronts.

Kharan District is one of the largest districts in Balochistan Province. For a full week, heavy rains pounded this area, causing water dams to break and immerse the region consisting of approximately 20,000 families. Over 50% of the population’s homes (normally constructed of mud), were destroyed. Hidaya’s team arrived in the devastated region, and immediately began registering affected families, by interviewing and understanding the needs of each family. This registration process ensured that every deserving family received proper aid and can be given future assistance down the road. The beneficiary families, including weak and handicapped elderly, women and children, very much appreciated this system of distribution. Although it takes more time and effort, it ensures that distribution of relief goods is given to the most deserving people.

Hidaya’s team was able to distribute aid through 70% of the main city as well as surrounding villages such as: Killi Aalum Khan Chanal Jangal, Faiz Muhammad Chanal Jangal, Killi Shehan, Killi Kigo Sharif, Killi Nail Sherozai, Killi Nali Tagap, and Noronki Lal Bux, (in Balochi language the word ‘Killi’ means village.) The disaster also had direct affects on Sindh as water came down through the Kirthar Mountain Range and flooded many villages in Shahdad Kot and Dadu Districts. In Shahdad Kot, Hidaya’s team again registered the affectees by filling out application forms for each family, and issuing them tokens which were exchanged for relief supplies. Because of the intense heat of over 115°F, Hidaya team members personally went to every family and handed them their relief packages so they would not have to leave the shade of their rickety makeshift tents which they had constructed out of cots. Hidaya’s aid reached over 350 villages in Sindh Province alone.

Hidaya provided affected families in both regions with tents, sanitary supplies, and food items such as wheat flour, rice, lentils, cooking oil, local spices, dry milk powder, as well as cooked food. Approximately 7,500 families or over 60,000 individuals were supported in both Balochistan and Sindh Provinces.

For long term rehabilitation, Hidaya is working towards rebuilding homes for the weakest people in these areas. It costs approximately $1,000 to construct a home with a small kitchen and bathroom made of cement blocks or bricks.

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