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Indonesia Earthquake & Tsunami 2018


On Friday, September 28, 2018, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake off of Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island caused mass destruction in the region, and triggered a devastating tsunami.  The death toll is in the thousands and expected to rise as countless people have been buried by collapsed buildings and mud flows or washed away by tsunami waves.  Emergency rescue crews struggle to reach affected areas as many roads have been destroyed and areas have become cut-off.  Hundreds of thousands of people are in very dire circumstances as they have lost their homes, livelihood, and loved ones and are in desperate need for help.

Hidaya Foundation is collecting funds to aid families who have been afflicted by this major disaster.  Relief efforts will be led by our team of volunteers in Indonesia who are active in assessing needs as the situation unfolds.

Please donate Zakat and Sadaqah towards relief efforts, and keep those affected in your prayers.

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