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Indonesia Earthquake 2006


A deadly earthquake struck Indonesia on the morning of May 27, 2006, claiming more than 5,700 lives and leaving close to 80,000 more injured. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable leaving a population of up to 1.5 million people homeless, many of whom are children. The living conditions are extremely bad as lack of food and fresh water weighs in, makeshift shelters are not shielding from torrential rains, and the need for better sanitation becomes prevalent as disease begins to spread.

Hidaya Foundation’s Response:

  • Hidaya Foundation immediately released $100,000 for initial relief efforts
  • Hidaya Foundation’s team, including President Waseem Baloch personally visited each and every one of the 760 patients injured due to earthquake at Sardjito Hospital (a major hospital in the earthquake zone), documented needs and helped to pay for medical expenses of each patient.
  • Hidaya Foundation supported another 900 patients located throughout three other major hospitals in the Bantul District.
  • Donated much needed computer equipment to the Bantul District Health Office, so quick and proper documentation of incoming medicines could take place, resulting in medicines reaching people faster.
  • Arranged for 400 tents & linoleum floor mats for 400 families in the hard hit Bantul district.
  • Hidaya Foundation has pledged to meet the shelter needs of a minimum of 1,600 families, costing $40,000 total. (each tent & floor mat kit costs $25.00)

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