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China Sichuan Earthquake 2008


A major earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter Scale, the most severe earthquake in over 25 years, struck a wide area in China at 14:28 Beijing time on Monday, 12 May.

As of May 14/2008, over 15,000 reported dead; the toll is expected to rise

  • Tens of thousands are still missing.
  • More than 25,000 people are still buried in the rubble.
  • Major phone lines and roads are cut off.
  • Millions of homes have been destroyed leaving residents, of whom are still alive, with severe shortage of water, shelter, food, and fuel.
  • Thousands of people are still trapped under the rubble and rescuers are using their bare hands to search for survivors.
  • Rescue efforts are hampered by rains and road blocks due to fallen boulders and landslides.
  • A middle school in Qingchuan County collapsed and many students have been reported dead while close to 1,000 students are still reported buried.


Hidaya Foundation’s Response

Hidaya Foundation offers deep sympathies to those who are affected by this calamity and wishes the best to the people and government of China in the rescue efforts.


  • Through its local contacts in China, Hidaya Foundation has secured first-hand information about the situation.
  • Three localities (WenChuan, DuJiangYan, and BaiChuan), which have suffered the highest level of destruction, have been identified to focus our effort. These three localities had a combined population of over 600,000.
  • Hidaya’s contacts in China is in touch with the President of Canton Islamic Association, who will be helping Hidaya coordinate relief efforts with the Government of China.
  • Currently, most of these areas are unreachable; Hidaya intends to work towards the long-term rehabilitation of those affected. Funds collected will be primarily used towards the well-being of orphans.

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