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Bangladesh Cyclone 2007


In response to the recent natural disaster in Bangladesh due to Cyclone Sidr which devastated the southwestern coast of Bangladesh in November 2007, Hidaya Foundation completed its first-phase of project by delivering dry rations to the disaster affected people. All individuals who received assistance were qualified to receive Zakat funds. Hidaya’s team preregistered all the families in need by documenting the names of each head of household along with the number of family members …etc that received aid. Hidaya Foundation will be continuing its work for the second phase of the project. Below is a summary of what has been accomplished so far:

  •  Distributed food packages to 2,240 families totaling 11,900 individuals
  • Each food package contained 25 Kg Rice, 2 Kg Daal (Lentil), 1 Liter of Cooking Oil
  • Each food package can feed a family of five people twice a day, for 30 days
  • The cost of each food package was 1,041 Taka (approx. $15.24) each
  • Distributed 11,000 Kg of Qurbani meat during the days of Eid-ul-Adha

The areas where Hidaya distributed the food packages were Mirzaganj, Potuakhali, and the deep village areas where Subidkhali Degree College is located.

In brief, the logistics of distribution were as follows:

  • Needy families affected by the disaster were identified, by local Hidaya Foundation volunteers, and given a token several days before distribution
  • On the day of distribution, a representative from each family came and stood in line to receive a food package for their family
  • Upon receiving a food package, the family representative completed a form providing basic information such as name, address, number of family members, etc.

While executing its project, Hidaya Foundation received nationwide media coverage on television and in newspapers. A sample video clip of the news coverage we received in Bangladesh is online.
Currently Hidaya Foundation is working towards the second-phase of its response to this disaster by focusing on long-term rehabilitation of farmers who have lost their crops. As such, Hidaya will support deserving farmers through the distribution of seeds so that they can restore their livelihood. It costs approximately $75 to help a farmer prepare for next year’s harvest.

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