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2022 Report

In 2022, Hidaya distributed seed to farmers affected by floods in Pakistan. Nearly 75,000 vegetable seed kits along with planting tools was given to almost 38,000 farmers to plant nearly 19,000 acres of land, and 50kg wheat seed was given to nearly 55,000 farmers for planting 55,000 acres

    2019 Report

    In 2019, Hidaya distributed over 1,000 bags of fertilizers to poor farmers.

    2018 Report

    In 2018, Hidaya distributed over 1,400 bags of fertilizers to poor families.

      2017 Report

      In 2017, the following items were purchased and distributed to farmers in need:

      • 500 Bags Fertilizer (Potash)
      • 1080 Bags Fertilizer (Ammonium Sulphate Steel Grade 50kg bags)
      • 2080 Bags Fertilizer (Ammonium Sulphate Caprolactum Grade 50kg bags)
      • 540 Bags Fertilizer (Triple Super Phosphate 50kg bags)
      • 1,000 Bags Fertilizer (Potash)
      • Tarps (458 10mx10m, 40 20mx20m, 25 30mx30m)
      • Reaper and spare parts, Reaper ropes

      2016 Report

      Provided 25 metric tons of fertilizers to farmers.

      2012 Report

      Hidaya assisted 2,286 farmers by distributing 381 seed packages to them under this project in 2012.

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