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Livestock, Animals, Cows, Sheep, Camels

Narrated Abu Dhar: Once I went to him (the Prophet ) and he said, “By Allah in Whose Hands my life is (or probably said, ‘By Allah, except Whom none has the right to be worshipped), whoever had camels or cows or sheep and did not pay their Zakat, those animals will be brought on the Day of Resurrection far bigger and fatter than before and they will tread him under their hooves, and will butt him with their horns, and (those animals will come in circle): When the last does its turn, the first will start again, and this punishment will go on till Allah has finished the judgments amongst the people.” (Bukhari, Vol.2, Book 24, No. 539)

Grazing camels, grazing cows and grazing sheep and goats are eligible for Zakat payment. Each category of the above mentioned livestock animals has a set Nisab amount based upon the number of animals owned.

Zakat for Sheep and Goats

The Nisab when Zakat becomes applicable is forty animals which are more than twelve months old. There is no Zakat if the number is less than forty.

Thereafter, in every thirty animals, one 1-year-old animal should be given; and in every forty, a 2-year-old animal should be given as Zakat.

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