No Orphan Without Education

Who would deny the orphans?
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No Orphan Without Education Cases

Case 11

Razia Bibi is a 40 years old widow. Liaqat Ali was a disabled tailor master and died due to a sudden heart attack.

Case 10

Murad Mai is a 51 years old widow. Her husband Malik Nazeer Ahmed had passed away due to Hepatitis fifteen years ago.

Case 9

Naseem Mai is a 40 years old widow. Her late husband Mohammad Abdullah was a tailor master and died due to heart attack seven years before.

Case 8

Nazli is a 36 year-old widow. Her husband, Gulab, was killed by robbers one year ago. Nazli is left along to raise their three young children.

Case 7

At the age of 45, Gul Baig passed away due to a snake bite he received while working in the fields….

Case 6

Hakeeman is a 45 year old widow with 3 children.Her eldest daughter is married and her two sons are living with her ….

Case 5

Husna Begum (48) has been a widow for the past five years, and struggles to provide for her …..

Case 4

34 year old Jamilah’s husband, passed away in 2003, as a result of heart attack at the age of …..

Case 3

Since her husband passed away, 35 year old Rashida has been trying to raise five children …..

Case 2

Sakina, a 48 year old widow, mother of 7 children ages 11 to 25, has been struggling to make …..

Case 1

Firdoas, a 35 years old widow with only a fifth grade education must support her 6 children …..

Last Update: Monday, May 25, 2008

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